How to Say Thank You to Compliments on Facebook

Everybody is fond of compliments. No matter where you get them from, it always makes us feel special when someone reflects our accomplishments and acknowledges them. To many people accepting compliments is very easy and they can accept them with absolute elegance. To many, framing a proper thank, you thought when complimented becomes the toughest thing to do. Words don’t frame properly, situation freezes and most of all we become awkward under our watch. Under these circumstances, we not only try to push away the compliment, but we also try to dig up scopes to negate the compliment by showing this wasn’t our best deed. We often tend to shoulder off the compliments to other people so that people won’t think us to be haughty. Let us clear this for once, this not only makes you look smaller, it also hurts the sentiment of the person the compliment came from.

In the present world of social media where the compliments whether you like it or not flows like a waterfall. One such instance is Facebook; you don’t need to do something great on social media, just changing your display picture also gets you truckloads of comments. Other than this, at times some thoughtful shares by you become the source of this praise. These thought-provoking or interesting subjects are positive in their right to be praised. Often people tend to ignore Facebook compliments, it is not absolutely wrong,but one must have the courtesy to respond with a simple thank you. Over Facebook, being as engaged to your friend as possible makes you a very lovable person. You must thank the compliments you get on Facebook. How? Let us dig into it.

How to say Thank You to compliments on Facebook

As we know it is very easy to overlook the compliments you receive on Facebook through comments, it is somewhere morally incorrect in the field of Facebook or any social media per se not to respond when people just complimented you. No one is asking you to find time to reply to that content that instant; take your time but not too long and surely get back to it. Facebook compliments can come in various formats. Such as:

  • Life Events: People can compliment you for getting a new job, having a new hobby, moving to a new city/country, getting in a relationship and many other things
  • Outside posts: You may share some interesting posts from blogs and outside sources which you find worthy. You can also be the author of those. In anoccasion like this, people tend to compliment with their thoughts on your work.
  • Photos: Ranging from your trip albums to random albums and display pictures, compliments know no bounds. You never know where they will drop from.

There are many other ways one can receive a compliment over Facebook; whatever the choice be, there is no choice of being non-responsive to those compliments. Let us ease your ways and get you out of the compliments block. Here are ways you can show your gratitude for Facebook compliments. You ready? Let’s have it.

  • At least like that comment
    That’s right; no matter what the comment is, be decent to at least like the comment. People can comment things like “wow,” “nice picture,” “absolutely love it.” The bare minimum you can do is like that goddamn comment.
  • Keep it short
    After that bare minimum comes a little more sweet and short response of typing “Thank you’’ or “Thanks’’. This shows that you’ve seen their compliment and have taken time to thank them.
  • Sticker and Emoji
    This is the most happening way of expressing your thank you for the compliments on Facebook. A plethora of sticker and emoji of various kinds and categories is available on Facebook. These cannot just be used to respond to a compliment, stickers and emoji have become a way of paying compliments as well.
  • Hash tag is away
    This is more appropriate when you’re accepting a compliment for a business brand or personality. In this way, #Hashtagging it might help to acknowledge that particular source, not very meaningful for personal usage.
  • Give credits
    You can upload posts on your timeline by thanking the source of the work. You can provide credit directly on your post to acknowledge your love for having such a nice picture or piece of writing and more. This not only helps in responding to their work but also complimenting them in return.
  • Share insight
    This is very helpful when people compliment on events you’ve been a part of or are interested it. Instead of just saying thank you, you should take some time to give the person a brief or insight into the event. In this way, not only will they be able to compliment you better, this will also let them support or form an opinion about the cause.
  • Engage them in it
    You can post about someplace you’ve visited, some movie you’ve watched or a book you’ve read. When people compliment you on your activity, you can engage in a pleasant conversation with them by asking if they’ve read or watched it, or if they’ve been to that place, what are their memories of it and more. Instead of a simple thank you, this makes the conversation engaging, which is the whole point of social media.

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Compliments come out some honest appreciation by people. This is one of the biggest reasons for accepting these compliments gracefully. How you say thank you and what you say next influences how you take the compliments severely. On social media, it is just typed words that can express your feeling. This is a scope where you can honor the person for their thoughtful acknowledgment of your work. Facebook is a platform where compliments and their replies play avery important role in getting the conversation ball rolling. Simple thank you is always effective; but think again that if a person is putting effort to compliment you, should you not have the politeness to revert to it?